The group’s show-off.


When you are in school, in class, you cannot help feeling nervous when the teacher (especially the math teacher) enters the classroom and wonder if they are going to ask us to turn in the homework, regardless of whether you had done it or not, there was always that person who always asked the teacher if he was going to review it, awakening the group’s perpetual hatred, often followed by an exasperated moan of frustration…

They are definitely not popular people. They are even the ones that are commonly known as the brains, the nerds or the smarties in the group. They are generally alone because, being so unpleasant, nobody wants to spend time with them, but yes, when there is a difficult task, the friends rain in and they all want to include them in their team (convenience definitely makes hatred stay on the sidelines, at least for a time). The funny thing is that what makes them unpopular is the very thing that makes them very valuable. There is no doubt that inconsistency is something very consistent in the human race.

It’s like when you dislike someone. That person is unpleasant, therefore everything they do, say, thinks or represents is just as unpleasant for you. You keep saying that you don’t like them and you don’t treat them well. It is easier to pretend that they don’t exist to avoid conflicts. But surprise, surprise, suddenly they have something you want. Something you need to fulfill a goal or is simply friends with someone you like. Then your attitude changes completely and you become their best friend. Once you get what you want or find that they can’t help you, the interest in this person wanes and is again relegated to the wrong side of your accounting sheet.

In reality, we don’t like show-offs. It is quite unpleasant to run into those people who feel the need to be noticed for the wrong reasons. The one who always sell out others in order to look good tends to suffer rejection from those around them. Sometimes it even gives the impression that if they don’t attract attention in this way, they will disappear in a sea faces.

Another person who always appears, not just at school, but also in the workplace is the one who always complicates things. When the team has already agreed and have planned something out in detail, there is always that human being who suggests doing something additional, something more convoluted or simply something that complicates things more. Sure, it’s not about doing the easy thing, but it’s also not about complicating situations that aren’t complicated to start with. I remember that in college, there was a fellow student that always made the jobs much more difficult than necessary, and said complications did not bring anything useful to what was already going to be done. Neither learning nor experience. It was just to show his intelligence, and I assure you that several of us did not even understand what it was for other than to give five extra steps to a job that was already prepared. In the end, we delivered the same result, with the same data, only we struggled much more to do it thanks to him. If he wanted several of us to hate him, mission accomplished.

In my different johbs I have also come across the same examples. Over time I came to the conclusion that they do it to simply show off, especially if they are the boss. I’ve seen on many occasions that a «leader» asks for extra reports, additional formats, useless data or things that are his job to do in order to say that his team does all that when generally in a good report with the necessary details you find all the information what you need to present.

Many times getting to the point is the best presentation. The harder to understand you make something, the more boring it will be. You can make a simple and substantial presentation that you give in one hour with all the results of your work without having to fill in the numbers with pointless information. At the end of the day, if you made a fool of yourself at work, even if you fatten the chicken with salt water, it is still water, and the lack of commitment in your work will be noticed. When you are concise and precise, those who receive the information they seek will be satisfied. If you extend the meeting to four hours to make it look like a lot, it’s like when you are going to hand in an assignment at school and between each printed page you put a white sheet to make it look more complete.
Curiously, that kind of people are the ones who complain the most and sometimes do the least work. They impose additional tasks on others and pretend to work so that they don’t get fired. The «I pretend I work» philosophy seems to still be very prevalent in our culture. I assure you is that when the apple falls under its own weight, the one who does not do the work is the first to be noticed because they don’t even know what the reports say. Like when my students copied the work and I asked them what their writing was about: they had absolutely no idea.

So if you’re one of those nasty people who brags about their intellectual superiority and strategic skills, I openly tell you that you’re not someone nice. There are people in the world who just try to help and always shoot themselves in the foot, but because you are so smart, you know what you do, so stop asking why people don’t like you.

When you pay a penny for something is when you discover that you get what you pay for.

And you brothers, sisters, what do you think? Share… if you dare…

Kind regards.


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