That sounds very ugly…


Today I read a post on Facebook regarding a small penis that did not meet the minnimum requirement. The funny thing is that when mentioning it they used the word «nispe» to refer to it. It turns out that when it came to mentioning that his member was five centimeters, he had no reservations, but when it came to calling the organ by name, he felt ashamed and instead wrote it backwards, so as not to make it look so ugly…

I understand that sometimes you want to soften the words to avoid sounding vulgar, but penis is not an offensive word. I even know people who prefer to give their vagina a nickname «butterfly» in order to avoid speaking the word. It is as if it were a mortal sin to call things by their name. Turns out that many people who prefer to say «bird» to their male sexual organ, because it sounds very ugly, have no reservations about yelling at someone in the middle of the street to go to the d**k.

On Grindr, I got to see a lot of that. We are in an app to flirt, not in a sacred temple where you have to be respectful, now it turns out that the purity comes out, when they are usually offering their escort services to anyone willing to pay for it. Or they are looking for a casual meeting and listing what they are willing to do in bed, as long as they use » nispe» for decency. Please!

There are other people who use «whiteys» instead of eggs, because eggs sounds very ugly, since it has a sexual connotation and is linked to the testicles. Wow. To begin with, the testicles are not called eggs, and that people decide to tell them like this is not a problem with the chicken product. Poor things, even their names have been taken away by a pseudo decency that prevents us from even opening our mouths. I can imagine the girl in the store thinking that I ask her for half a kilo of testicles to make breakfast, the whole block is going to find out that I am depraved! If the eggs are not white, Should we call then “reddies”?

Definitely you have to keep up appearances, what are people going to think? What will be the reputation of a person who names things appropriately? I will be crass, indecent, insolent. I have better things to focus my energies on than seeking the approval of people I don’t know and who will never have any relevance in my life. That’s the most important thing: to impress them. It doesn’t matter what reality is, as long as appearances are maintained.

I have some friends that are black, for example. People call them «little brown people» because black is very offensive. Talking with them, they tell me that it bothers them to be called little brown people because they are in fact black. Their race is black. So, they find that recategorization quite offensive, but as it sounds more acceptable to our ears, we prefer to continue insulting them in order not to use that offensive word.

Smoothing things is not my thing. I prefer to call them by name. I have no patience for people who are in conversation and whisper words that seem offensive to them. Look, if you don’t feel comfortable talking about a certain topic, don’t talk about it. That of interpreting your synonyms for the words that hurt your ears and your delicate sensitivity kills my patience very quickly. For me it is better and it seems to me more honest and valid that you tell me that the subject bothers you and that you prefer to talk about something else. At least I respect that.

And I definitely don’t mean going around offending people or using disrespectful words either. You need to have some judgment, people. If you become that person who only talks about uncomfortable and incendiary topics, you quickly become the person that nobody wants to talk to. I firmly believe that you can have a conversation between adults without someone leaving annoyed, offended or scandalized. Now if people are made of glass, you have to find a way to protect yourself so as not to break.

Many of the world’s problems I think can be solved with dialogue, but definitely, the use of euphemisms at each turn does not help the conversation to flow naturally, since if I need to pause for you to explain what each word means doesn’t make the river stop running, it just makes the other person possibly frustrated and just doesn’t want to speak to you anymore.

Let’s put the conventionalisms and false decency aside, let’s be open and express what we need to openly. The line of respect is not lost for saying what you think. One can definitely speak freely without threatening anyone else’s ideas. You can always be diplomatic, but saying one thing to appear to be another while our actions tell a different story can border on blatant hypocrisy. If we used all that energy in other more positive things, this would be a different world.

Words, as beautiful as they sound, have no value if our actions do not back them up…

Think about it, brothers, sisters and share … if you dare …

Warm regards.


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