Self-esteem or blindness?


Sometimes walking through the streets of my city I have come across people who definitely do not have a friend or a mirror in their life, because one of them would have told them the truth. I know it sounds cruel and it seems that I am just being hateful with people, I just realize that sometimes people think a lot about themselves…

Self-esteem is one thing and blindness is another. I respect those individuals who express their individuality and eccentricity without fear. In fact I wish I had had the courage to do it when I was young, however I have seen people who are definitely a visual impact. Just seeing them makes me want to come to my house and draw pictures with a black crayon and then take them to my therapist.

Psychology defines self-esteem as the set of perceptions, thoughts, evaluations, feelings and behavioral tendencies directed towards ourselves, towards our way of being and behaving, and towards the features of our body and our character. In other words, it is the image we have of ourselves.

It goes without saying that having a healthy self-esteem is of utmost importance for human beings and their emotional stability. Everything that comes from us needs us to love ourselves in order to survive. Even if we have friends, the type of friends we have, the lovers we seek and the decisions we make are a product of how we value ourselves. When we see ourselves as beings who do not deserve much and who are worth little, we accept anyone who approaches us, even if they use or abuse us, on the other hand, when we love and value ourselves, not just anybody can approach us and make us feel worthless.

Now, when you have a need to get people’s attention with a visual punch it may be an indication that your self-image needs validation. Normally people dress in a way that makes them feel attractive and pleasing to the eye. Instead, there are other people who seem to want to scare away the individuals around them.

As an example: Today I saw a woman in tight and ripped pants, poorly painted, greasy and messy blonde hair, ultra-tight blouse that crushed her bust up and her belly down, the center was like an hourglass It was on the top and bottom where the suffering was obvious. The makeup looked exaggerated and she walked with her head down and with dark glasses that were so big that Lady Gaga would roll her eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going through life criticizing people, I just couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her head. I understand that you are looking for her style and personality, but this girl looked at herself my age, and in her thirties, she is no longer in the age of being so lost.

I’m fat. Let’s be honest, I have neglected myself in my younger years. I understand the need to wear black clothes that deceive the eye, although I must say that after a certain weight, black is no longer useful to you. I understand well that sometimes you want to wear tight clothes and that people will criticize you. But it is one thing to wear something tight and another is to force your clothes in an attempt to look slimmer. And I confess that I have done all the tricks to deceive the eyes. And what I have discovered thanks to the cameras that seem to hate me is that the only one who was fooling in my attempts was myself. Sad but true.

So why do some of us focus on being the center of attention? perhaps it is so important for some of us to stand out so much in a social context that we feel the need to wear clothes in such a way that forces our attention. Valid, of course, but it’s a contradiction in terms that we take offense when those around us stare at us and that we react aggressively. Ambivalence is defined as two powerful opposing forces: «I want you to notice me but I want you to leave me alone». Unfortunately, being different makes us a target of ridicule.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, let us live without fear of being ourselves, but we must see ourselves in the mirror from time to time. We must make sure that the person who sees us from the other side is someone that we like and that has great value for us. If we look for approval in other people’s eyes, it is something that we will never find.

Likewise, if we decide to be different, we must Keep in mind that it is very possible that we are the object of ridicule and accusations, it comes with the territory. It is the best way for people to demonstrate their ignorance. But we should not be surprised or angry that people react to our eccentricities. Don’t we laugh sometimes at how conventional these people are?

My question would be, What is the limit between self esteem and lack of mirrors? Share … if you dare …

Kind regards.


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