Our need to rebel…



There is a something that I have noticed in people over the years: the need to rebel. Many of us take it as the way in which we show our individuality while others feel that this is how they make their voice heard and their disagreement present. In many cases it is a good way to instigate change, but in others, it is definitely a good way to act like a jerk …

For example, in the company where I work we use the classic tray to carry our food to where we eat, always with the understanding and instruction that we always take the tray back to the cafeteria, since the people who do the cleaning do not have that task. It is something simple, it is up to us to return it to where it belongs, but there is always someone who leaves it in the dining area, in full view of everyone. They have mentioned it several times in the meetings, but, of course, someone has to show that they are not ruled by anyone and they have to leave their tray as a sign of their rebellion towards the rules.

Another expample is the people who go down the street and throw the garbage on the floor. How disgusting! As if the city doesn’t have enough problems to also have to deal with your garbage. It is inconceivable that people cannot see beyond their noses, that if the way they care about the hygiene of their community, I suppose that less than their own cleanlyness (I can even imagine them all full of dry snot because they cannot be bothered, others can wipe them, they do not want to dirty up their little hands).

Is that the way you show that you exist and your worth as a person, causing more chaos and filth in a time when that already has more than enough? Seriously? Apparently throwing garbage in its place is a way of settling for clean-norm society that pressures us to be clean and orderly humans. You have to rebel against those rules that say that my glass of soda has to go in a trash can like everyone else, I have to be different and show my rebellious and non-conformist soul.

Let’s not be stupid, for the love of Gaga. The way that many people express themselves is pathetic. Like the idiot neighbor who has to share his favorite music with the whole block, and sometimes farther, because we all like to listen to his drug dealer inspired music with the vibrations set to high he gives or his reggaeton at full volume that describes all the sexual acts that they are going to do to the woman in question, because if he does not, the world is lost from their presence and existence. And let’s not forger the one that invades the parking lots of others with his car because he likes to park it that way.

Like today when I got on the transport, when I was looking for a place to sit I saw a woman sitting with the bag on the next seat so that no one sat there. I had to go to the back of the bus because apparently the bag was very tired and needed its own place. The funny thing is that the lady was pretending to be asleep so that no one would not say anything to her. Honestly, it made me want to grab the bag and throw it out the window, but it was too early and there was no caffeine in my system at the time, and you can’t go around making bags fly either, right?

Okay, I understand, sometimes we feel invisible and we want the world to know that we are present, but bothering others is not the best way to do it, people. It is one thing that they have educated you like this, if your parents taught you that you are the center of the universe and that the rest of us are insects are only there to serve you, you can also choose to be a good person. I’m sorry to tell you that, despite what mommy says, you are not the reason the sun rises in the morning.

A few days ago I entered the bathroom of my market of preference and in the urinal there were abandoned snack wrappers on top. What I’m wondering is what social comment can that mean, that we are pigs? That the government is unfair to us, therefore we dirty the urinals of a market that no «important» person is going to visit? I don’t think social change happens that way, but oh well!

I highly doubt that the brain of a person who does such things has the ability to give deep meaning to their actions. And if you do, I feel sorry for the people around you. Nor do I want to imagine the values ​​that they are instilling in their children, or worse: they teach them the opposite of what they do. The classic «Do what I say, not what I do.» Sad, really. I don’t know what is worse, the simple action of making someone’s life more complicated with your actions or telling your children that this should not be done. Hypocrisy is real and marked in those cases.

Likewise, the ideology of «someone else has to do it» is rampant in our society. We honestly believe that by making a mess on the floor we are giving jobs to people who clean, so they should be grateful. I think the maintenance staff already has enough work with the normal cleaning of an area without our help. It is more possible that they are cursing you our than smiling and thanking y you for making their work more complicated.

If we live with the idea that it is only a piece of paper, let’s think that in my city they are about three million people, if each one thought the same it would be three million pieces of papers on the floor, and that is if they only throw one per day, which I doubt it. Under the same premise, if each of us pick up one piece of garbage a day, it would be three million less papers on the street. I find it interesting that there are people giving gigantic lectures about trash and its consequences, but I highly doubt that they deign to bend down to pick something up off the ground, where’s the consistency?

If we need to rebel and make social change, let’s do it! Let’s change the world into the one that we want to inhabit, but the change needs to come from the inside out. Saying things and not following through is useless.

Let’s do what we say to do and stop bragging false thins. Let’s teach by example.

And you brothers, sisters, what do you think? Share … if you dare ..

Kind regards.


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