If it’s not with me… with no one!



When we love someone, many times we are willing to do things and make sacrifices for them, when in love one can lose his head and do endless things that we would never do under normal circumstances. One always says that that will not happen because we know how things are and we have the world all figured out, but in the end, someone always comes along that makes our rules, thoughts, norms and protocols fly out the window …

Then comes that wonderfully stupid stage of infatuation (which is a beautiful thing), and it turns out that we give them everything: trust, liberties, our love, money and attention and then he misuses them. Then hatred of that person enters. It turns out that everything positive that we felt for that person turns into something negative and now we can only think of ways to destroy them. Only then can we have peace again. Only then can we sleep.

I love that when things don’t work out the way we want, we become pouty infants. It is the classic child that prefers to break the toy before letting someone else use it. When it comes to sharing what belongs to us, we put ourselves in a selfish and destructive plan where we cannot see another person play with what is ours, even if we no longer want it, we simply see that others are going to enjoy it, we choose to take it just to make sure that no other will be able to use it.

The problem is that people are not property. We don’t own anyone, no matter how much one wants to claim it. Whoever is with me is because they want to, because I give them something they like and because their needs are met by my side, not because I have a receipt as if they were a computer or a house. They are human beings.

How many times have I not heard that so-and-so is mine from a possessive people? Then we hear about the one who murdered their loved one out of jealousy, infidelity, flirting or for any other reason they can imagine, How scary is that?

And it is not about demonizing victims of violence, but on many occasions, when I find out about an abusive situation, I have heard the strangest arguments such as “if they don’t hit me, they don’t love me” or “they hit me because I make them angry. No, people, abuse is abuse. A controlling person is a manipulative person who will try to control all aspects of their partner’s life such as what they wear, what they do and even the friends that you can have. I don’t care what they want to call it: for there to be manipulation and abuse, two people are needed, both parties are guilty: one that kills the cow and the one that grabs the leg.

When at last the person in question decides to get away from that other one so horrible and controlling, then the hateful comments begin such as «you will never be anything without me» or «nobody will love you because you are ugly» or later, when they already lost the battle, death threats. Some time later, they start crying and claiming that they were their life. Oh please!

What they don’t know is that many times all they want is to get back what is theirs. They have no right to date anyone else because they are still private property. You have to destroy the person so that nothing is left of their life and they have no peace. And I am not talking only about those women who make life impossible for their ex so that the new partner does not enjoy them, or the man who threatens the other person so that they afraid to go on with life, I am talking about all those people that go to the dark side of the relationship.

What is the use of ruining someone’s life? Does it bring you any pleasure to make them look bad with their family, or put their private video on the internet for others to masturbate with it? What can you possibly gain by throwing acid in the face of another human being? If it is the way you mark your property, it is something sad and pathetic, is this how you leave your mark in the world? Are there not enough problems in it already for you to add more negativity with your actions?
Maybe when they leave you, you should take the time to ask yourself why they did it. Maybe the other person decided that you are not what they wanted. Perhaps they found someone who treats them better than you did or they find them more attractive. Maybe the reason is simply because they have more money or because they changed they mind (which they has the right to do) or maybe you are just a jerk who belittled their partner and they just got fed up.

It is here when you have the opportunity to reflect and learn something new that can benefit your life in the future. Those are mistakes that you can avoid in your next relationship so that everything flows naturally, without cheap manipulations or psychological abuse. Think about it.

Anyway, if it helps you to sleep at night being a bad person and knowing that you caused problems to another human being, well go ahead, I can assure you that in this way the vicious circle will never be broken. Remember that when they tell you «it’s not you, it’s me», it usually means that it’s you.

Let’s analyse carefully, brothers, sisters and ask ourselves: What is the common denominator of all your failed relationships? You are.

Let us take responsibility for our mistakes and try to act like adults, there are already many tantrum throwing children in the world and nobody likes them.

And you brothers, sisters, what do you think? Share … if you dare …

Kind regards.


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