I want things to change… but others have to do it…



Many times we are dissatisfied with what is happening around us. It is normal and often desirable not to remain silent when something is missing in our life, since it constantly changes and the world always follows along. That can be confusing for some people, what catches my attention is the way in which we react to this variety.

We constantly see changes around us that catch us by surprise. What separates people is the ability to adapt to said change and to learn from it. It is survival of the fittest, the one who has more saliva swallows more dry oatmeal, as our mothers and grandmothers would say. At the end of the day, it’s not about saying you’re the greatest person, it’s about actually being it.

Change is inevitable. That and death are the only certain things. I’ve heard a lot (even from my own lips) that I want things to be like before. Sometimes it definitely seems that in other times things were simpler and happier when in reality it may not be the case. If I think about wanting to be like when I was 20 years old, at that time I weighed almost 200 kilos, I still hadn’t come out of the closet and my thoughts were mainly negative and self-destructive. No thanks.

And at the end of the day, many of us want things to be different, okay, but we are not willing to do anything to make them change. Personally it sounds to me like a contradiction in terms. If you don’t want to be overweight and have the same body of that guy, then start doing the exercises and diets that he is doing. Make those sacrifices and pay the same amounts to get the same results (which I assure you will not be the same because each body is different), instead of giving him nasty looks and talking about him.

As a community, sometimes we want change, but we want it to come from a magic wand. We dream of a society that understands and respects us, but we do not take the initiative to educate and above all, give respect, even among ourselves, How many times have I not seen a feminine boy passing in front of us and we make a mean comment, we laugh or we say «heeeeeer»? One would say that it is a joke, that we should not to take things so seriously and that Mexicans use humor to face any situation, but the boy in question is not generally in the joke with us. It is not part of the relaxation and fun when the other person is offended. That’s a lack of respect. And then we say that if you don’t want us to say anything to you, you shouldn’t dress like that, don’t we all have the right to express your individuality as we please? And later, to add insult to injury we get offended when people say similar things to us, we cry and whine about it when we don’t even respect our peers.

We cannot organize a series of conferences on tolerance when we don’t practice it ourselves. There is no use talking for an hour about cleanliness and good sanitation practices when you don’t even deign to pick up trash from the street. I’m tired of seeing these programs that claim to cure homosexuality with the testimonies of people who have already been cured. Honestly, in the photos they look super gay. Okay, I respect if you decide to change your lifestyle and start a family, but it does not give you the right to lecture me that you are already saved and that I am going to hell, because in the end, your heart, your thoughts and your desires are the same as mine. I think love and respect are more genuine than hypocrisy and double standards.

Maybe it’s time to bring some positive energy into the world, sisters, brothers. It is now when it is most needed. If we want our lives to change and improve, it will not happen if we do not take the first step. The fairy of happiness will not come to plant it in our hearts. No. Those are seeds that we ourselves must sow, care for and above all, harvest. Change comes from the inside out, not from teeth out. We can say a lot, but words are cheap. It is the actions that actually speak and describe the kind of people we are, What good is it to you to have an title in the church if your heart is black and full of hatred?

If we want things to change, we must begin to change them, we cannot wait for others to do so. Let’s be proactive and stop complaining that things are not how we want them to be, because many times, those changes are in our hands. If you don’t like something, change it. Let us express what we feel, we do not need to make anyone less in order to do it. Let’s be genuine and stop attacking each other. It will be the union that makes us strong, not the ability that we have to pretend to be together and then betray each other only to have an advantage. That is pathetic and it only helps to solidify the idea that we are not be trusted.

If you change, the world around you changes with you, or maybe it is the same world, but the way you look at it is different and that makes you like your life more. Sometimes it is not having what you want, but loving what you have. Think about it.

To win the lottery, you need to buy a ticket …

And you brothers, sisters, what do you think? Share… if you dare…

Kind regards.


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