Dear weirdo…


I know it is tiresome that the world stares at you and that people acty as if you were a freak. That you are fed up of being constantly judged because of what you do, how you dress, how you speak, what you think, the way you express yourself, even what you dream …

The fact is that you are weird. They usually use that to describe something negative. For me, «strange» is something that you don’t find often, something with such unique beauty that it is not that easy to find, something that is not often encountered. Being weird is a beautiful, powerful and exciting thing that brings its own brilliance, the problem with that is that it can dazzle others.

So who determines the rules of what is normal and acceptable and what is not? How many people do it? Just because it happens often doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. There are cultures that practice cannibalism. Racism is alive, did anyone say homophobia ?, or age discrimination. There are many things that are considered «normal» that for others is barbaric. As an angry mom would say «So if your friends jump off a bridge, do you do it too?»

No, my dear unicorns. Just because people accept it as a custom or culture doesn’t mean it’s right at all. Let’s remember that the inquisition was once considered the norm. Torturing and killing people in the name of God was cool and now we consider it as a very dark chapter of history. Let’s not confuse things or hide behind «that’s the way it is» because things change, as well as times and ideas.

So with that being said, Why do you feel bad about being different? If what you bring to the world is something that no other person can do, you should be glad that you exist and that you have the ability to contribute your talents, your ideas, your passion and your value to the world (because it takes a lot of courage to be yourself without compromising your vision for what other people think). You shouldn’t feel bad because you are weird, you should focus your energies on seeing the legacy you have to leave the world.

Let us remember that weird people have made history. The normal folk disappear in a sea of ​​faces. It is those individuals who dare to live their eccentricity that we remember, anyone say Freddie Mercury? It is these people who are still in popular culture, that were highly criticized in their time for following their own rhythm, who inspire thousands of others to listen to their personal melodies.

Okay, if you want to be «normal» and not make waves, then don’t complain that you feel repressed, oppressed, or trapped. Within each of us there is an individual wanting to get out, only sometimes the fear of being singled out wins ane we end up hiding behind a generic mask. Everything is respected because it is a personal decision. The problem comes when you decide to attack those of us who are ourselves and don’t settle for what society indicates is what we should do. We don’t need your help, we already have a mom that scolds us when we screw up, thanks.

«That your hair is long,» say some, and how does it affect them if someone brings long hair, or blue or spiked? «That your clothes are ugly», well, give me money to buy other clothes then (and I assure you that I am going to buy new versions of the one that I bring because it is the one that I like, hahahaha). «I don’t like the way you speak», well, excuse me, it’s my way of speaking. «What you express bothers me», well, suck it up. It is not my intention to offend anyone, but if you are made of glass and you are eavesdropping on my conversations like any nosy person, you do not have the right to give your opinion because, most likely, I will only pause briefly in my conversation, I will give you an indifferent look and then resume my talk as if nothing had happened. Bye.

And let’s face it, when we are weird we develop powerful defenses against stupidity and ignorance. Some people who do drag have told me that when they are all dressed up that they are prepared for anything they say. That is amazing! And we are similar in that sense, you can tell me anything and I always have a comeback for you that makes you feel silly for having exceeded your boundries. It is not limited to being cursed out or an offense, no. The trick is to be stylish and make them think twice the next time they point their forked tongue in my direction. It is using my creativity to show that we are valuable and intelligent people. Like the guy who told me that I surely lusted after to humiliate me in front of his friends. You should have seen his face when I said, «No, I like men, you don’t qualify».

Let’s be weird, my darlings. Let us accept our individuality and our value as unrepeatable human beings. Let’s stop thinking about conventionalisms and love who we are. Let us be ourselves.

As one of my favorite girls says: “You cannot demand that a weird person be normal” Thank you Nóriko for that very deep phrase that reached the bottom of my heart.

Dear weirdo: love what you are, love what you are worth, live your moment and enjoy life. Share your talents and help others to find their identity and courage to express themselves freely. Don’t judge anyone for being different from you, they also have the right to be and bring a positive note to the world, it already has enough problems.

Be, live, fly…

And you brothers, sisters, what do you think? Share … if you dare …

Kind regards from a fellow weirdo.


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